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One question that every company has their own answer to is “Who are we?” but they don’t always make that answer clear to their customers or the communities they are a part of. It is vital for that to change for customers and the community, and make it clear to them who the company is that they are dealing with, what they do and how they can help you.

Headwear24 is the largest manufacturer of headwear in Africa. We specialise in producing high-quality products that are tailored to the individuals needs both for small orders, as well as large orders. From the hustlers selling caps on the side of the road to massive resellers in shopping malls, quality is always assured.

Proudly based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, with a staff of over 360, we guarantee that our employees are treated and paid fairly by making sure we are certified by the National Bargaining Council for the clothing manufacturing industry and most importantly we make it a point to promote from within. The scale of our

company is huge with our headquarters holding 3 to 4 million stock of headwear at all times. By keeping everything locally produced and reducing the number of imports, we have been able to ensure that our prices are kept to a minimum.

As a certified proudly South African company we offer two types of supply, the first is ready-made caps with over 300 options. These could be bucket hats, snapbacks or flat peaks just to name a few from our diverse range. Once you have picked your desired headwear, choose your branding and we will do the rest. The second type of supply we offer is made to order, which is made from scratch and offers many customizations for your specific needs with embellishment options such as embroidery, screenprint, silicon print, transfers, patching and flocking. The third and final type of supply is customized imported products. These products are specialised headwear and are incredibly detailed. They are made by highly advanced technology that is not readily available within South Africa, hence the need to import this specific product.

h24 caps

We do not sell directly to the consumer but instead produce headwear for clients to resell. We supply major retailers throughout South Africa, for either reselling or promotional use, with only the best-manufactured headwear. Our clients range from big to small making us the perfect partner to start your business selling headwear. Being a VIP reseller gives you access to great discounts which could be vital in your business.

We are a well-trusted company and a vital part of the economical landscape within not only South Africa, but Africa as a whole, providing jobs and helping people create their businesses. We feel that we are an example of how a company should be run, ensuring we locally produce, promote from within and upskill, lead the industry with innovative ideas and promise our customers not only quantity but quality too.

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3 thoughts on “The Largest Manufacturer in South Africa

  1. Tim Hinton says:

    Good day, I am in the market to promote a new tyre brand and are looking to your company to use for my product launch and marketing of this new brand. I would be grateful if I could discuss my ideas with someone who could assist me. Our launch is the 30th April 2022.

  2. Natasha says:

    Good day,
    We are a large reseller, with an international footprint , we are very interested in marketing your product.

    Please get in touch with top pricing, for me to take to the board, to get you on board

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