The Top 5 Custom Peak Caps You Need in Your Collection

The Top 5 Custom Peak Caps You Need in Your Collection

5 Custom Peak Caps Every Serious Collector Should Have

From Truckers to Snapbacks, custom peak caps come in a range of
stylish shapes and designs. But if you’re serious about your hat game
there are five quintessential custom peak caps that should take pride
of place in your collection.

1 | The Classic Snapback Cap

With its flat brim and adjustable snap closure, this is a versatile peak
that can be worn with practically any outfit. Customise it with a unique
design to add some edge.

2 | The Always Hip Trucker Cap

With its mesh back and foam front, this cap is perfect for hot summer
days, and a great option for outdoor activities like hiking or fishing. A
favourite hipster accessory, the good old trucker cap can be

customized with any ironic design. Customize it with your favourite
brand logo or a fun design to make it stand out.

3 | The Standard Dad Hat

Ah, the good old dad hat – that reliable, comfortable peak cap that can
be dressed up or down. The dad hat typically has a curved brim and a
relaxed fit, so it’s perfect for a day out running errands or a casual
lunch with friends.

4 | The Edgy Flat Bill Cap

With a flat brim that can be customised with bold graphics or logos,
the flat bill cap is a streetwear staple. Whether in snapback or fitted
style, the flat bill cap will always add an urban edge to your outfit.

5 | The Retro Style Bucket Hat

This wide brim peak cap provides plenty of sun protection, so it’s
perfect for outdoor activities like fishing or hiking, or just a good old
beach day. And, due to its classic style going back to the ‘70s, a
bucket hat is going to add a serious retro vibe to your look.

Don’t agree with our top five must-have custom peak cap styles?
Prove us wrong! Send us your top choices for custom peak caps, along
with why you reckon your choices are better, here.